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Why the "About Us" Section Rocks: It tells us a story.

First things first, CEO Dave is a God fearing man that has a passion for helping others break free from a 9-5 job and live the life they deserve. He believes that many aspiring entrepreneurs are one idea / one step away from their breakthrough and they don't even realize it because fear stands in the way. Dave also believes heavily in internet income. His main goal is to open the eyes of others on how easy it is to generate money from the internet. 

The CEO Starter Pack is born. Its name comes from the meme style, consisting of vital items to get you started off for the first time. Rising up out of a 2020 pandemic stricken world, Dave was able to beat the odds financially. So many of us were sent home from work with little to no notice at all. Some of us even had our only source of income severed, forced to enter the uncharted world of panic. Listen to what Dave has to say: 

“As 2020 barreled downhill with no breaks, times continued to be rough until I found what I'm about to share with you; The contents of the CEO Starter Pack. I kept God first during these times and worked smart. Now I don't have to worry about trying to find a decent job.  Now I can travel wherever I want. Now I can buy things that I usually couldn't afford. I have two small kids that I can spend more time with now, all because a few easy steps that I didn't think were remotely possible. I'm even in a situation where I can bless others. We all deserve this freedom lifestyle! Allow me to share my experience with you so that we may grow together and achieve our dreams.”

Let's rise out of the ashes as entrepreneurs. 

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